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On March 28, 2016, SEM delivered products to Qingdao Longhai Highway Bridge Group in Kashi, Xinjiang province, for its Kyrgyzstan project. Xinjiang district sales representative from Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Ltd., Qingdao Longhai Highway Bridge Group and Xinjiang Lirenhe Trading Company Ltd. participated the ceremony.

The Qingdao Longhai Highway Bridge Group is a nationally known construction company, which has participated in a large amount of highway and bridge construction projects. By defeating several international competitors, the customer has won the bidding of Kyrgyzstan Isay Lake project with 104 kilometers around the lake and manufacturing cost of 0.63 billion RMB. This is another milestone of Qingdao Longhai Highway Bridge Group, going abroad complying with the “One Belt and One Road” policy. Meanwhile an SEM dealer, Xinjiang Lirenhe Trading Company Ltd., also drove the project of equipment purchase. With its strong marketing and sales network in Central Asian countries and East Europe, convenient international finance services and VIP aftersales services, Xinjiang Lirenhe Trading Company Ltd. provides equipment and technical support to domestic construction enterprises in the “One Belt and One Road” projects. 

Chairman of the Qingdao Longhai Highway Bridge Group said that “To accelerate the construction progress, we chose SEM after several rounds of research and selections. We really prize the reliability, full aftersales and parts service system of SEM. As fellows both from Shandong province, we are pleased to show the advantages of this Shandong-made, international brand by the Kyrgyzstan project.”



SEM first delivered 36 products with wheel loaders, motor graders, track type tractors and soil compactors included. Take wheel loaders for instance, structures undergo Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and On Machine Stress Analysis (OMSA) will ensure durability.  The optimized hydraulic system paired with the drive train will reduce machine cycle time and increase productivity.  Also the Performance Series (PS) buckets could improve the loading capability by 10%. 


Sales representative from Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Ltd. showed that SEM adhere to providing reliable products and high quality services to the customers, in order to guarantee they could obtain maximum rewards. Regarding Qingdao Longhai Highway Bridge Group’s order this time, SEM will definitely offer excellent aftersales support as usual.

SEM Products Delivering to Qingdao Longhai Highway Bridge Group for the Kyrgyzstan Project
UPDATE : 2017/11/09


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