Jinan Tengde Equipment Co. is a sales agent and it is also a maintenance service company for SEM machinery series. It was founded in 2004 as a state-owned enterprise in China. In 2009, Jinan Tengde was transformed into limited liability company after the reform of state-owned enterprises.

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UPDATE : 2017/11/20

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Operating Weight(kg):20000;

Overall Dimension over Bucket(mm)8541×3092×3458;

Rated Power(KW)178
  • Excellent Fuel Economy

    Best-in-class Reliability and Durability

    High Productivity

    Outstanding Operation Comfort

  • Items SEM660D
    Main Specifications
    Rated Loadkg6 000
    Operating Weight with Standard Bucketkg20 000
    Bucket Capacity3.3-5.5
    Wheel Basemm3 350
    Overall Dimension (outside of tire)mm8 414X3 370X3 458
    Operating Specifications
    Breakout Force (GRD)kN183
    Dump Clearancemm3 048
    Articulated Angle°38±1
    Transmission Type Countershat, power shift
    Transmission Gears F4/R4
    Torque Converter Type Single stage 3 elements
    Maker & Type TR200
    Forward I/ Reverse Ikm/h7.4/7.4
    Forward II/ Reverse IIkm/h14/14
    Forward III/ Reverse IIIkm/h22/22
    Forward IV/ Reverse IVkm/h38/38
    Main Drive Type Spiral bevel gear, single stage
    Final Drive Reduction Type Planetary type, single stage
    Rear - Oscillating +/-°±11
    Model WD10G240
    Rated PowerkW178
    Rated Speedr/min2 000
    Implement Hydraulic
    Implement System Type Single load sensing flow sharing system
    Boom Raise Times5.3
    Hydraulic Cycle Time (rated payload)s9.7
    System Presure SettingMpa18
    Brake System
    Service Brake Dry & caliper, air to oil control
    Parking Brake Drum type shoe brake,spring applied & oil released
    Steering System
    System Type Flow amplifying
    Steering Pump Type Piston pump
    System Presure SettingMpa18
    Steering Angle (L/R)°38±1
    Size 23.5-25
    Type Bias
    Layer 20
    Textured Type L3/E3

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