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Main Products
All models have perfect combination of reliable quality and maximum efficiency. In addition, SEM bulldozers have hydrostatic system which ensures a fast response and maximum output traction force.
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Motor Grader
SEM motor graders feature a large cab mount on the front frame for an exceptional view to the blade and front axle even during articulation. Thanks to Caterpillar technical center design, SEM motor graders are utilized Caterpillar motor grader operating mode and durability.
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Road Rollers
An essential tool across a wide variety application. SEM machines are working in road, railway, airfield and industry yard compaction, no matter what working condition you are working on. Choose suitable road roller for your working condition, raise your performance and maintain the long working hours that match your ambitions.
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Wheel Loaders
SEM wheel loaders have been manufactured in China for more than 60 years. We offer compact, small, medium and large size wheel loaders for your business. All SEM machines are manufactured by the Caterpillar factory and certified by the Caterpillar manufacturing process.
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