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We provide ALL SEM machines spare parts, including SEM wheel loader spare parts, SEM motor grader spare parts, SEM bulldozer spare parts and SEM road roller spare parts. All of our spare parts are GENUINE SEM spare parts, and we have lots of parts in stock. We are agent of Caterpillar Qingzhou Ltd in China, so ALL of our SEM spare parts come from Caterpillar Qingzhou (SEM Factory). Since that, our SEM spare parts have best quality and best price of SEM genuine spare parts. 


Let us know if you have any question, we are glad to provide you technical support and best customer service.

Jinan Tengde Equipment Co. Ltd is exclusive dealer of Caterpillar Qingzhou Ltd( SEM Factory) in China. Jinan Tengde Equipment Co. Ltd is the best SEM dealer and Jinan Tengde Equipment Co. Ltd sell SEM machines SEM genuine spare parts which include SEM616B, SEM618B, SEM650B, SEM639C, SEM639B, SEM660B,SEM618D, SEM632D, SEM636D, SEM655D, SEM656D, SEM659C, SEM658C, SEM660D, SEM676D, SEM680D wheel loader and spare parts. Also, Jinan Tengde Machinery Co. Ltd sells SEM bulldozer which include SEM816D bulldozer, SEM822D bulldozer, SEM816 bulldozer, SEM822 bulldozer. We also sell SEM motor grader: SEM919 motor grader, SEM921 motor grader and SEM922AWD motor grader. For SEM road roller, we have SEM510 road roller, SEM512 road roller, SEM518 road roller, SEM520 road roller and SEM522 road roller. SEM machines are inheriting Caterpillar construction equipments. For example, SEM motor grader is designed by Caterpillar technical center, and SEM919 motor grader is similar to CAT140K motor grader and CAT140G motor grader. SEM655D wheel loader is similar to CAT 950H wheel loader, CAT950GC, CAT 950G. 

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